About Us

NISAB LLC was founded on the principles of improving patients’ overall outcome. Basin Glove achieves this goal.

Neil Morris RN, BSN has been a Registered Nurse for over 16 years. He invented the Basin Glove out of the awareness of the need of a cost-effective solutions for patient safety. The Basin Glove is a disposable wash basin liner that covers the hospital wash basin; much like a shower cap. It protects the patient from Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s); due to contamination of the wash basins (tests have shown up to 98% of hospital wash basins are contaminated).

Various studies have shown that most patients often prefer a sponge bath with using a basin versus other forms of bathing when a patient cannot perform a traditional shower/bath. The problem with this scenario, is that the same wash basins used for sponge baths are also being used for cleaning up feces, urine, vomit and then used to wash the entire body, which easily can spread infections. Some health care facilities prefer to use a “bath in a bag” application, however; these are very costly and can cause extreme plumbing problems due to clogged pipes. With the medical industry evolving, health care facilities are continually reviewing measures to effectively cut costs.

Thus, the Basin Glove provides a cost-effective and safe solution to the wash basin problems that every hospital and medical center is now facing. The average ADDITIONAL hospital cost of HAI’s is approximately $15,000 per patient with an estimated 2 million HAI’s occurring each year which totals a staggering $30.5 Billion in lost revenue.

Our operations manager, Josh Sowell, had a personal incident years ago when his daughter was admitted to a hospital and subsequently contracted a dangerous form of Staphylococcus Aureus which was later determined most likely to come from her wash basin. This infection required additional surgeries and nearly got into his daughter’s bloodstream, which ultimately could have been fatal. The same infection also spread to his son, as a toddler; and all of this was due to an unsanitary wash basin on a fairly routine hospital visit, which is a common scenario that can happen to you or your loved ones.

You can see our professional and personal drive behind this product and how it’s success will help prevent other such circumstances and increase the overall patient safety while keeping healthcare organizations within their operational budget.